E.DSO (European Distribution System Operators) is pleased to invite you to the first webinar in its ‘Projects in the Spotlight’ series scheduled on 10 March from 10h30 to 12h. The series aims at shedding light on the work of E.DSO and its Members to address challenges in distribution operation in new innovative ways which will help shape the energy sector of the future.

The 1st E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight event is titled ‘DSOs at the center of Data Exchange’ and will focus on the enlarging role of the DSO in the data sphere. The roll out of the smart meters has brought about new opportunities but also increased responsibility with regards to the data the meters collect. It raises new questions about process, protocols, and protection which we will ask to a panel of state-of-the-art R&I projects who will highlight the role they foresee for the DSO.

The projects panel will involve three OPEN DEI projects in the Enegy domain: InterConnectPlatone and OneNet.