OPEN DEI will hold a presentation during the webinar “Advancing the Digital Transformation of European industry: The role of standards in accelerating innovation – The case of IoT/IIoT”

The great disruption generated by the COVID-19 has immediate implications by generating new challenges regarding response effectiveness, resilience of healthcare systems as well as privacy for the individuals and citizens. But this disruption has also larger consequences across a broad range of sectors by potentially redesigning the business models, the supply chains, etc. These new challenges demand fast readjustments of many of the associated technical systems – with a key role to play for the IoT systems – and new innovations to cater for new requirements.

Standards and sharing of common practices are strong drivers of digital transformation of European industry. Standards are critical tools of innovation, and many innovations that have changed the world (e.g., modern manufacturing and interchangeable parts, agriculture, the Internet, global communication) only succeed because of standardization. The case of IoT/IIoT deployments in the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme has shown the role of standards in accelerating innovation and the benefits of using standard processes, considering common goals, common platforms, shared values, and standard Interfaces.

This key role of standards in the required transformation of organizations requires even faster responses from the standardisation community which must be able to support new innovations, accelerate the pace of its response, and make sure that collaboration between actors in reinforced and development program are aligned and streamlined.

Standardization provides many benefits as part of a business strategy. By ensuring compatibility and consistency through standardization, companies can improve production efficiency. Standardization leads to cost reductions economy of scale and simplification and supports the creation of ecosystems in which technologies and business models become more prevalent, competitiveness increases, and ultimately the stakeholders involved benefit. In addition, the establishment of common rules to meet the environment and standards leads to improvements in safety and security.

The objectives of the Webinar are twofold and will be addressed in two corresponding sessions:

  • Identify the main challenges that are posed by the recent evolution to the global IoT ecosystem, and more specifically to the on-going work in standardisation and pre-standardisation.
  • The role of standards in accelerating innovation for digital transformation – outlining areas for re-enforced collaboration between the actors, namely standardisation organisations and industrial stakeholders.

The Webinar will allow for interaction with the audience, with support for active Q&A sessions.

Attendance is free and registration is mandatory.