agROBOfood is looking for robotic olutions that address challenges for the Agri-food sector

agROBOfood builds upon its existing network and ecosystem and uses the mechanism of Open Calls to provide financial support to third parties, in order to accelerate network expansion, driven by the robotics community and the European agri-food sector. Two types of Open Calls are foreseen – two Open Calls for Innovation Experiments and one Open Call for Industrial Challenges.

The 1st Open Call for Innovation Experiments is officially launched! 

Topics for Innovation Experiments:

  • Agricultural Robotics for Crop Production: Robotic solutions and application areas
  • Food Supply Chain Robotics
  • Livestock Robotics
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants need to be SMEs
  • Applicants need to apply as consortia of 2-5 partners
  • The coordinating SME needs to have a valid VAT number
  • Consortiums must consist of one end user and one technology provider
  • The solution provided must be based on robotic technologies
  • The solution provided must adress a problem of the agri-food sector
  • The consortium must have contact with the regional DIH 

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