This report corresponds to Deliverable D3.2 of the “WP3 – Large Scale Pilots Observatory” of the OPEN DEI project and suggests a cross domain approach, in terms of methodologies and tools, to be adopted both in actual and in future Digital Transformation projects.

Projects characterized by a high number of Pilots, belonging to different domains and which have achieved remarkable results in the various application contexts, were selected and analyzed and described in Chapter 2 while in Chapter 3 the analysis of methodologies and tools adopted in the different phases of Pilots have been carried out including also a summary table with the pros and cons of each identified methodology.

In Chapter 4 the “OPEN DEI Recommendations” are reported with the identification of the most useful methodologies and tools identified in the previous section able to be adopted and integrated in other research projects.
This work will continue in the coming months extending the scope of the Research Desk conducted and enriching the cross domain approach with specific aspects characterizing the OPEN DEI domains.

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