This booklet is the result of the OPEN DEI Energy Working Group “Use-Cases Explorer”, the goal of which is the analysis of the pilot activities of the Innovation Actions projects involved – InterrConnect, INTERRFACE, BD40PEM, and Platone. The approach followed by this booklet refers to the so-called Design Thinking Methodology, a formal method of creative problem solving, with the intent of fostering innovation. It is characterised by three traits:
(i) the leverage of creativity as a driver of innovation
(ii) a human-centred perspective, where innovators build empathy with users
(iii) the intense use of experimentation as a rapid and effective source of communication and learning among stakeholders.
The Large-Scale Pilots of each participating project are described according to two representations:
  • Manifesto, which envisions the values provided by the Pilot
  • Ecosystem Map, which depicts pilot stakeholders, defines functionalities, and illustrates data flows