AI-SPRINT: Personalised Healthcare Use Case Webinar

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The AI-SPRINT Personalised Healthcare Use Case exploits the potential offered by the edge-cloud environment to develop innovative and impactful clinical applications for stroke prevention. The use case benefits from incorporating wearable technology into healthcare, such as continuous data acquisition and low patient burden. This novel approach will be tested over the next few years, collecting different kinds of information and  combining quantitative and qualitative data per patient while preserving both privacy and security of the people concerned.

The webinar zooms in on the drivers, benefits and societal impacts for personalised healthcare.


The webinar targets:

  • SMEs and AI application developers interested in solutions that balance accuracy with privacy constraints, including compliance with national and European regulatory requirements, while guaranteeing performance all the way from IoT up to the cloud.
  • EU Digital Innovation Hubs interested in adopting new trustworthy technologies in the healthcare sector.
  • Healthcare organisations and associations, with a mission to improve patient care for stroke incidence.

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