Data Spaces Business Alliance Brokering Event for European Data Spaces

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The Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) invites researchers, companies and innovators to their “Brokering Event for European Data Spaces” on December 16. The goal is to bring together the leading experts and professionals from domain-specific consortia to respond to the European Commission series of calls for proposals under the Digital Europe program to push building data spaces. The event is organized by DSBA with the participation of the European Commission.

Are you a domain and/or data space expert? At the Brokering Event you’ll get:

  • A profound overview of the EC calls
  • A stage to showcase your expertise
  • The opportunity to form teams with best possible partners for the calls, and therefore the prospect of great fundings
  • Contact opportunities with the responsible people at the European Commission
  • Connect with the DSBA communities and the leading organizations in the field of sovereign data sharing

DSBA virtual platform allows to make pitches and find matching partners for a consortium. So join this important effort and next step to build data spaces for Europe!

Brokering Event for European Data Spaces
December 16, 2021 | 9:00 to 13:30 CET

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