EHTEL Symposium: Imagining a citizen-centric health data ecosystem

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Change is a constant. Today, Europe is focused on the digital decade. In health and care, the spotlight is on the use of digital technologies and the use of data. This focus is magnified by the damage dealt to many systems and people by the COVID-19 experience. Europe’s healthcare systems are already seeing a massive shift in the debate about the use of digital technologies and data.

EHTEL’s 2021 Symposium will help you understand and potentially navigate and govern the future of European health data space(s), enable citizen-centric data sharing, and understand both technical and societal developments in fields like medical devices, AI, and genomics. It will build on and create synergies with EHTEL’s associated work on Imagining 2029 and the European Health Data Space.

Check out more information here and register for the Symposium here.

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