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This building blocks survey aims to evaluate building blocks of data spaces and their harmonization.
To achieve this, we created a questionnaire in Google forms to allow projects, companies and data spaces to identify and describe their implementations. Which technologies and solutions were used or instantiated? Can you briefly explain how this technology was implemented (we call it reference implementation)? If you have implemented a business use case, then we would appreciate it if you could explain it. Furthermore, we would like to know the best practices and recommendations that you acquired by implementing this technology and if there is anything that is missing or needs further development that we should know. If you are part of a data space project or initiative and would like to contribute to the harmonization of data spaces, please provide your feedback in the appropriate questionnaire.

All this information will be part of three workshops we will organize.

We invite you to attend the following meetings:
– OPEN DEI TF1-IT2 KOM – 30th June 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+2) – Registration on this link
– BB assessment 1st meeting – 21st July 14:00 – 15:30 (GMT+2) – Registration on this link
– BB assessment 2nd meeting – 31st August 15:30 – 17:00 – Registration on this link
– OPEN DEI TF1-IT2 Webinar – 16th September (tbc)

During these workshops experts and contributors will review the building blocks based on their experience and the information from the survey to redefine the building blocks, identify technologies and solutions for them and explain reference implementations. All of these findings from the workshops will be incorporated into an OPEN DEI BB assessment report that will be public available. Additionally, all the contributions from the survey participants will be published in a building blocks catalogue on GitHub under the International Data Space GitHub (

For more information related to the building blocks and how to fill out the survey have a look here: A_OPEN DEI TASK FORCE 1 ITERATION 2-Questionnaire4

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