Virtual BenchLearning: Big Data – Benchmark your way to excellent business performance

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DataBench project goal is to design a benchmarking process helping European organizations developing Big Data Technologies to reach for excellence and improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance. DataBench is investigating existing Big Data benchmarking tools and projects, identifying the main gaps and developing a robust set of metrics to compare technical results coming from those tools that will be available on the main outcome of the project the DataBench Toolbox.

In this 45 minute session titled “Big Data – Benchmark your way to excellent business performance” our speaker and representtaive of the DataBench Project, Gabriella Cattaneo from IDC, will present the results of the research on Big Data business impacts by European industries. By attending you will be able to understand how different industries implement Big Data Technologies and benchmark activities, for measuring business-related KPIs such as revenue growth, profitability and cost savings, customer satisfaction, among others, based on a survey conducted by IDC to 700 EU-industry-representative companies.

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