Patient-generated health data captured through certified mobile health applications is a growing sector. Beyond accreditation and reimbursement of mHealth, the value of data is closely linked to its connectivity with health information systems and integration into clinical pathways and service delivery value chains.

Now that mHealth applications and digital therapeutics are beginning to be considered as important elements of digital transformation, the whole business model needs to evolve and take into consideration a shared responsibility in the production of data and the use of enabled services. As a result, mobile health data spaces and ecosystems emerge as a new opportunity to provide enhanced care value for patients and clinicians, and advance health innovation and research.

On 29 April, EHTEL organises a virtual workshop entitled “Integrating mobile health data in health service value chains” to explore different paths to integrate patient-generated data through mobile applications into health data ecosystems for improving clinical work and generate value. We will reflect on the organisational, technical and human challenges encountered by health organisations and mHealth apps developers and how they could be overcome to accelerate the uptake of mobile solutions and enrich health data ecosystems.