Get insights on digital marketing methods in the agricultural sector especially for digital tools and IoT products.


About this Event

One of the most pressing questions when you enter the market with an IoT product in agriculture is how to reach and win the farmer as your customer. Since due to Covid-19 the amount of physical occasions for such activities is drastically reduced, we would like to provide you with more information on the possibilities and do’s and don’ts of marketing and sales in the digital domain.

For this, IoF2020 is organizing a webinar in which several experts will share their knowledge and experiences in doing online marketing and sales with a focus on presenting and selling physical and digital products to farmers.


The guest speaker will be Ebo van der Broek. Ebo is active as senior marketeer at BatavierenBende and Agrimedia. In recent years, he collected a lot of marketing experience at several companies in the IT business. He is knowledgeable in marketing techniques and methods, certified inbound marketeer and accustomed with several marketing automation tools.

In his presentation, he will explain how content marketing can be used to reach farmers. Several aspects will be discussed in more detail, such as the strategy to be followed and selection of the right channels.