DEMETER is a H2020 project focused on large-scale deployment of farmer-driven, interoperable smart farming-IoT (Internet of Things) based platforms, delivered through a series of 20 pilots across 18 countries (15 EU countries). Involving 60 partners, DEMETER adopts a multi-actor approach across the value chain (demand and supply), with 25 deployment sites, 6,000 farmers and over 38,000 devices and sensors being deployed.

The first of the DEMETER Open Calls, for which we use the label “DEVELOP”, has just been launched and will close on November, 18th at 17.00 (CET).  The aim of the call is to attract and engage startups/SMEs with technology products that can be implemented within the agro-business sector.

300.000 equity-free funding is available to integrate solutions into the DEMETER Hub (up to 30.000 EUR per project).

These are the 5 topics that will be addressed in this Open Call:

  1. Soil workability and humidity monitoring
  2. Interoperable Geo Tagged Photo APP
  3. Isobus enabler
  4. Blockchain-based solutions for agricultural applications
  5. DEMETER Business process integration.

If you are one of those startups/SMEs that could apply, if you are simply interested in following the topics or if you can disseminate this information through relevant networks, please, do not hesitate to have a look at .

The next webinar will take place on the 5th November at 11AM (CEST). Register here.