Through this event, AFIL – Cluster for the Smart factory in Lombardy Region of Italy launched the Strategic Community “Secure and Sustainable Food Manufacturing”, led by CNR (national research council) and Tecnoalimenti, which will deal with the advanced and sustainable manufacturing and packaging of food products that, thanks to the sensorial, automatic, robotic, big data, AI and virtual reality systems, will guarantee the integrity and safety of the food and the supply chain from contamination or accidents, both voluntary and deliberate.
The companies that will sit at the table will be able to contribute to the detailed definition of the issues that the Community will deal with during its development to give policy input both at the regional Lombardy level and at European level through the Vanguard Initiative. The National High-Technology Smart Factory Cluster and the connected regional one set themselves the ultimate goal of fostering the growth of the industrial system, through the innovation of manufacturing processes.