The OPEN DEI Agri-Food Ambassador Marianna Faraldi from Tecnoalimenti will hold a presentation at the webinar “H2020 Agri-Tech Research in Europe” hosted by DEMETER & ATLAS on June 18

This webinar presents an overview of current EU (H2020) research in the Agri Tech space, mainly focusing on the 2 new recently funded large scale pilot projects; ATLAS and DEMETER. Presenters will delve into the research and pilots within both projects focusing on 3 key elements: Technology, Multi-Actor Ecosystem and Challenges and Future Directions.


  • 10:00am ‘Introduction & Welcome’ – Joel Bacquet, EU Commission DG Connect & Doris Marquardt, EU Commission DG Agri
  • 10:15am ‘Introduction to ATLAS and DEMETER’, Stefan Rilling (Fraunhofer/ATLAS) & Kevin Doolin (TSSG/DEMETER) Technology
  • 10:30am ‘The DEMETER Reference Architecture’ Ioanna Roussaki, ICCS
  • 10:45am ‘Implementing the DEMETER reference architecture’ Thanasis Poulakidas, INTRASOFT Intl 11:00am ‘ATLAS Interoperability Reference Architecture’ Volker Zippel, Claas
  • 11:15am ‘Standardisation Approaches’ Arne Berre, Sintef
  • 11:30am Break Multi Actor Eco System
  • 11:45am ‘Multi-actor approach in DEMETER and ATLAS’ Anja Linnemann & Stefan Rilling, Fraunhofer
  • 12:00pm ‘Technology adoption in an agri context’ Grainne Dilleen, TSSG
  • 12:15pm ‘Technology adoption from a farmer’s perspective’ Peter Fröhlich, AgriCircle
  • 12:30pm ‘Piloting Activities 1: Livestock behaviour analysis using image recognition’ Marc Hofmann, Fraunhofer IAIS
  • 12:45pm ‘Piloting Activities 2: Transparent farm to fork supply chain – pilot’ Senka Gajinov, DNET & Tomo Popovic, University of Donja Gorica
  • 13:00pm ‘Czech Farm Cluster- MAA approach’ Karel Charvat, Lesprojekt 13:15pm Lunch Challenges & Future Directions
  • 14:15pm ‘Driving Collaboration – Open DEI activities’ Marianna Faraldi (Tecnalimenti)
  • 14:30pm ‘Overview of Cascade Funding opportunities’ – DEMETER: Miguel Gonçalves, F6S – ATLAS: Tamara Naydenova, AZO – SmartAgriHubs: Harald Sundmaeker, ATB – AgRoboFood: Staša Stojkov Rošić, BioSense Institute
  • 15:00pm Q&A and Close