The digital transformation strategy of the European Union and its Horizon 2020 programme has, among others, a particular priority: the creation of common data platforms based on a unified architecture and an established standard.

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, the OPEN DEI Communication and Support Action focuses on “Platforms and Pilots” to support the implementation of next generation digital platforms in the following four basic industrial domains:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Healthcare

Among these domains and among the platforms and pilots planned or developed by these domains, OPEN DEI aims at leveraging synergies, sharing best practices, reinforcing relationships as well as communicating and exploiting achievements.

Opening the eyes of European industry and society to the returns from Digital Transformation

OPEN DEI strives to implement four action lines:

  • Platform building: comparing reference architectures and open source reference implementations, enabling a unified industrial data platform;
  • Data ecosystem building: enabling an innovation and collaboration platform, forging a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs, contributing to an industrial skills catalogue and observatory;
  • Large scale piloting: contributing to a digital maturity model, creating a set of assessment methods and a migration journey benchmarking tool;
  • Standardisation: conducting cross-domain surveys, performing promotion and implementation, building alliances with existing EU and standard developing organisations.