Pharaon – Pilots for Active and Healthy Ageing partners Gérontopôle Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Information Catalyst organized and participated in activities at the AgeingFit Conference 2022 in Lille, France.

Gérontopôle Nouvelle-Aquitaine organised in collaboration with the National Council of Silver Economy a hosted event during AgeingFit 2022 under the heading “The Active and Healthy Ageing Decade in Europe”. During this European Day with round-tables and presentations about collaborative innovations concerning Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe, Isabelle Lesterpt from Gérontopôle NA, gave a presentation dedicated to Pharaon. She shared information about the Consortium, the objectives of the Pharaon project, the agile methodology of co-creation, number of pilot sites and countries concerned, objectives of each pilot site and the technologies involved, as well as about the Pharaon ecosystem and what is expected thanks to the project. In the following discussion, attendees were engaged and asked questions about the way to work during the pandemic or the possibility to automatically provide access to data to informal caregivers given their importance in older adults life. The audience attending seemed to be impressed by the work done concerning the recruitment for LSPs and the time needed for that topic.


Information Catalyst participated in the Networking and Brokerage Event – Supporting the Uptake of Open Platforms for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) and Active Assisted Living (AAL) hosted at AgeingFit. This event was organised by, a coordination and support action that focuses on the larger scale uptake of open platforms in the AHA/AAL domain. It brought together a number of projects, companies and organisations to present and discuss initiatives and experiences in this domain, and to look at what exactly an open platform ecosystem is, reasons why to use an open platform, benefits and specific use cases. Usman Wajid, Technical Director at Information Catalyst, gave a presentation about how to realise a platform ecosystem in practice, drawing from experience and lessons learnt in the manufacturing domain where such platform ecosystems are a reality. The presentation generated great response from the participants, asking question about technical details as well how problems such as data sharing were solved.

Aside from Pharaon, the following participants discussed their experiences from open platforms and solutions: universAAL IoT, SHAPES, SMART-BEAR, ProKNX, 4LifeBox, Gripwise, FIWARE, FICHe, OPEN DEI and e-VITA. The event provided better insights to industry stakeholders (startups, SMEs and larger companies) and care organisations as to how an open platform can be beneficial for them. Likewise, platform providers got insights about the needs and problems faced by care organisations and other stakeholders in the health industry.

Pharaon also collaborated with on their information booth, where Pharaon materials were made available.


Pharaon materials at booth