The Servicio Madrileño de Salud (SERMAS) is testing the TeNDER web-app, as well as sleep and binary sensors in the home environment. In another part of the city, the Asociación Parkinson Madrid (APM) continues to test the depth cameras in their centre’s rehabilitation areas. Movement is analysed to help identify gait issues.

Meanwhile at the University of Rome – Tor Vergata (UNITOV), the research team is finalising the recruitment process. And in Ljubljana, researchers at Spominčica (SPO) are applying what they learned during their first wave. They are now testing the system together with people with mild dementia and their caregivers. Users are growing familiar with the TeNDER tools and services, and they are providing feedback to help make the system fit people’s needs.

In other news, TeNDER is co-organising an event this Spring: The “QUality of LifE Support SysTem for People sufferIng from COgNitive impairments or intellectual disabilities” (QUESTION) workshop will take place during the PETRA Conference 2022 (from 29 June to 1 July). If you have any questions, you can contact organizers at: Nicholas Vretos,; Vassilis Solachidis, Nikos Grammalidis,; and/or Federico Álvarez,

Furthermore, TeNDER will soon join EU-funded innovations already showcased on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform, which spotlights promising projects. Launched in 2018 under the framework of Horizon 2020, the goal is to “show citizens the many excellent technological and scientific advances being delivered by researchers and innovators around Europe.”[1]

Finally, Spominčica – Alzheimer Slovenija has been invited to present their paper on TeNDER’s service co-creation approach at the Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 35th Global Conference will take place on 9-11 June 2022 in London and online. Their submission was accepted under the title “Dementia Inclusive Design of Affective Based Integrated Care for Better Quality of Life Tool.” It will be presented during the conference session “Well-being and quality of life II.”

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