Aligning Reference Architectures, Open Platforms and Large-Scale Pilots in Digitising European Industry

The Digital Transformation strategy of the European Union has, among others, a particular priority: the creation of common data platforms based on a unified architecture and an established standard. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy and healthcare represent key fields for the deployment of the EU strategy for digitalisation. In this framework, the EU-funded OPEN DEI project aims to detect gaps, encourage synergies, support regional and national cooperation, and enhance communication among the Innovation Actions implementing the EU Digital Transformation strategy.


OPEN DEI strives to implement all efforts for the benefit of the target projects’ ecosystem:

  •  Task Forces to collectively address medium to long term challenges to be initiated by current projects but fully implemented by next generation HEP or DEP initiatives (e.g. Data Spaces; Business Ecosystems; Twin Transition)
  • Working Groups to specifically address short term issues and contribute to projects’ objectives and deliverables:


OPEN DEI aims to be an essential pillar of the implementation of Digitising European Industry policies: the project aims to provide  the necessary measures, channels and mechanisms to ensure cooperation between pilot projects so that synergies can be exploited, knowledge can be shared and impact is maximized.

OPEN DEI is actively supporting the digital transformation in Europe-technology-driven and business oriented 16 working groups driving digital transformation in 4 domains:

OPEN DEI Working Groups are addressing common domain specific challenges needing a short-term solution, e.g., in the preparation and scoping of deliverables, dissemination events, exploitation actions. Their goals are to:

  • develop synergies on Digital Transformation within their respective domain to address needs shared by all projects,
  • collaborate with Task Forces (WP7) developing cross-domain assets,
  • to consider these assets to support the Digital Transformation migration processes initiated by the projects,
  • provide technical-oriented and business-oriented sector-specific challenges that needs to be addressed by technological objective (WP8) and business objective (WP9) OPEN DEI activities implemented in the working groups (WP10).


OPEN DEI consists of ten European partners representing a variety of sectors including industry, research, academia and no-profit. With organisations from four different Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain), the Consortium pulls together a set of strong complementary skills in research, development and innovation with the ability to actively contribute to the support of pilots’ activities and knowledge transfer across different sectors.