One milestone is coming to an end, another is just starting.

At the end of October, the conclusion of the OPEN DEI project in Brussels was accompanied by a one-day event.

The event proved once again that in all its diversity has laid decisive cornerstones for a fast, fair and uniform digitization of internationally operating companies.

The outstanding project proves that it was an essential pillar of the implementation of digitizing European industry policies. The significant output of this strong collaboration is a strategic roadmap for digital transformation, data spaces and a recommendation how to move forward.

And the journey is not over yet. The foundation created by OPEN DEI will play a central role in the Data Spaces Support Centre, which aims to create a blueprint for data spaces. In this way, we can ensure that pan-European data spaces are compatible and interoperable from the outset to drive the data-driven digital transformation in the European Community.

All the presentations held during the event, can be checked here:


Have a look at what happened during the OPEN DEI Final Event in Brussels: