AgriTech 4.0 – Facilitating Research, Development, Innovation and Cross Collaboration within the Agricultural Community

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Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) – Developing Our Approach; Data & Connectivity; Soil Health; Facilitating Research into Action; The Future of Robotics & Drones; Vertical Farming & Hydroponics; Agri Biotech – Friday 29th January 2021

Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) – Meeting the Farms Needs for Precision & Smart Technology; Indoor & Horticulture Farming, Technology Innovation Demonstrations; What Will Tomorrows Farm be Like– Friday 19th February 2021

Technology Innovation Challenge Competition (Virtual) AgriTech Innovation On The Farm; Soil Productivity; Smart & Precision Farming; Agri Biotech Friday 29th January to Thursday 18th February



With digital technology changing the face of the agricultural world how can we continue to utilise and implement new and existing digital technology into the sector. Many nations are looking to further update their processes, technology and systems to implement more efficient and environmentally friendly methods of farming to meet the new demands of the 21st century.

AgriTech 4.0 explores the wide range of opportunities available through programmes, development, support and investment opportunities, and how new and changing technologies will influence the agriculture environment over the next 25 years providing sustainable food solutions.

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