Business model for Digital Platforms: A co-design workshop for digital platforms in Energy, Manufacturing, Agrifood and Healthcare

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Digital Platforms have a disruptive impact on industry value chains and organisations which are the providers and users of digital platforms. In order to take advantage of the opportunities and control the risks of change, innovative business models are needed to adapt the business and operational processes, redefining the customer journey and value proposition, discovering new channels and stakeholders’ engagement models, and creating innovative monetization models. However, development of a proper business model to accelerate the commercialization of the digital platform is challenging and not a straightforward journey for many European projects including the large-scale pilots of digital platforms.

This workshop is organized by OPEN DEI in collaboration with EU-IoT and aims at supporting the projects in designing of the business model under the umbrella of sustainability of their results. The problem that projects in each domain will address will be selected jointly during the session by participants in each domain based on the relevance of the most important aspects for sustainability and business model for projects. The event is organized in three main parts.

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