OPEN DEI Webinar: Business opportunities for Digital Transformation through the ecosystem of Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe

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OPEN DEI supports digital platforms projects and stakeholders to connect to key European initiatives and the networks of Digital Innovation Hubs

OPEN DEI aims at building an innovation ecosystem across the Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy and Healthcare domains to encourage synergies, promote cross fertilization and foster technological development. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices among them and to maximize / multiply the impact of their Large Scale Pilots (LSPs). OPEN DEI is aligned with the aims and objectives of Digitising European Industry initiative in the contexts of Regulatory Framework, Partnership and Platform, Skills and Jobs and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

In this series of webinars, selected speakers belonging to the OPEN DEI ecosystem will show the assets they offer to involve the audience in the implementation of the EU Digital Transformation strategy. In the first webinar OPEN DEI has presented oportunities and challenges regarding  an European common Data Sharing Spaces; in this second webinar OPEN DEI illustrates what DIHs are and how they can act as dissemination and exploitation multipliers for the benefit of SMEs adoption of  Digital Platforms  assets and solutions.

The OPEN DEI beneficiary Innovalia has fostered and supported the creation and development of Digital Innovation Hubs in the Manufacturing sectorand has played a central role in the mentoring and coaching of multi-sectorial networks of DIH in Europe (AI DIH Network initiative in collaboration with PwC and CARSA).. The OPEN DEI beneficiary IDSA is building an international network of HUBs, which act as facilitators in the development of ecosystems that endorse and embrace data sovereignty and the development of trusted industrial data spaces.

OPEN DEI WEBINAR SESSIONS: OPEN DEI offers a series of free webinars that will focus on “Data Platforms and Pilot Implementations”

This webinar will present an overview of European activities about DIHs and ecosystem building activities in the different OPEN DEI sectors (Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Agri-food) and technolgies (AI, Cybersecurity, Industrial IOT, Cloud, HPC & Robotics). Moreover, it will explore how DIHs can become important partners for OPEN DEI Digital Platforms projects for a leaner global uptake and transfer of their digital solutions towards SMEs and a deep and structured Digital Transformation of all EU industries. This session will also show the benefits that the connection and active participation of digital platforms innovation actions  in DIH ecosystems can bring, by supporting business growth, shaping better digital products and more effective industrial processes in the four domains.

With this webinar, Digital Platforms projects will learn:

  • What OPEN DEI is about and what OPEN DEI can offer you in the domain of DIHs
  • What is the European landscape of DIHs and ecosystem building initiatives in each sector
  • How OPEN DEI can support companies to gain access and exploit the potential of the European ecosystem of DIHs
  • What support strategic networks of DIHs and initiatives could provide for distribution of AI and sovereign data sharing solutions

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