Digital maturity of key domains in Europe for uptake of Digital Transformation

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Nowadays, different domains and industries in Europe are undertaking their journey of digital transformation. Scaling up digital ecosystems requires digital platforms to deliver scale and speed, as well as federate data from connected products, assets, people, and processes. In fact, industrial ecosystems need an orchestrator for the ecosystem to integrate several players and parts of the
ecosystem and digital platforms, act as an orchestrator for ecosystems.

However, the uptake of digital transformation through platforms depends also on the digital readiness and maturity of the demand market. EU Industries’ adoption of advanced technologies varies, as does their propensity to enable innovation through factors such as skills, leadership and mindset. This event aims at providing an overview of digital maturity of key domains in Europe including manufacturing, energy, healthcare and agrifood through presenting the analysis conducted by IDC for the European Commission. This could support the supply market (including digital platforms providers) to have a concrete overview of the target market in terms of digital readiness to uptake the platforms.

The event will be organized in a format of webinar and interactive workshop. During the first part, IDC will present the main findings regarding advanced technologies uptake in Europe and Digital maturity index of key domains. In the second part an interactive session will be run with the participants to discuss and raise the most important topics in this regard.

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