Digitization in the Food Industry: Why it will create new opportunities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

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Important Note: The following webinar will be conducted in Italian

The health emergency that has hit the world in recent months has emphasized even more the importance of digitization as a fundamental tool for ensuring the operational continuity of companies’ activities. The Webinar intends to present, through the direct experience of industrial experts, the increasingly topical opportunity for companies to enhance the wealth of data within the company supply chain as well as from the company’s interactions with its ecosystem. The main tools and approaches that can be used by companies in order to integrate and extract value from data, overcoming existing barriers, will be illustrated with application examples in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain



Marco De Vito – De Vito graduated in Food Technology in Milan, he works within Tecnoalimenti as an Innovation Manager and is expert in supply chain and digital technologies applied to the agri-food sector.

Veronique Pevtschin – Pevtschin graduated in Engineering at the University of Brussels and completed her education with a master of science from MIT. As the Head of Innovation for the IS3 Research Laboratory in Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, she focuses her work on the optimal use of digital technologies in agri-food, cybersecurity and transport.

Oreste Venier – Graduated in Physics from the University of Pisa, Venier is an electronic designer with many years of experience in the field of electronics in various application fields such as industry, transport, environment and cryptography. He also works as a CTP in industrial property proceedings and cases (electronic and data analysis sector).

Marianna Faraldi – Faraldi graduated in Pharmaceutical Technologies in Milan and is Senior project manager at Tecnoalimenti. She carries out promotion, coordination and implementation of research projects of industrial interest at regional, national and above all European level on multidisciplinary issues related to food.


  • 10:00 Introduction – Why digitizing the Food Industry (Marco De Vito – Tecnoalimenti)
  • 10:05 The digitization of data: Objectives and opportunities for the Food Industry (Veronique Pevtschin – Engineering II)
  • 10:20 The digitalization of processes: why moving from IoT to smart chain (Oreste Venier – Venier Srl)
  • 10:40 Significant applications of digitalization in industry: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (Oreste Venier – Venier Srl)
  • 10:55 Lessons learned from the OPEN DEI project (Marianna Faraldi – Tecnoalimenti)
  • 11:05 Questions and Answers
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