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Industry 4.0 is at the center of economic transformation – everywhere in the world. Recently, we’ve been also hearing more and more about Industrial IoT (Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT). IIoT can add further smartness to Industry 4.0 with its use across several industries, such as manufacturing (Industry 4.0), logistics, oil and gas, transportation, energy/utilities, mining and metals, aviation, and other industrial sectors and the use cases which are typical to these industries.

The FIWARE smart solution architecture for Smart Industry brings support to decisions and the automation of business processes. During the FIWARE Industry DAY, many topics will be dealt with by combining Smart Industry and Smart Manufacturing, bringing international experts in the field, from the European Commission and large international companies, on stage.

Through real-life use cases from across the globe, from Spain to India, the FIWARE Industry DAY will showcase how FIWARE plays a key role in the creation of data spaces for effective data sharing/exchange, also between organizations traditionally bound to different domains (Smart Manufacturing, Smart Logistics, Smart Ports, Smart Cities, Smart Home) towards the creation of innovative value chains.



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