Shaping Inclusive and Sustainable Innovation in Global Agricultural Systems

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The challenges to ensure food and nutrition security for all in today’s world are complex and intertwined with a broad range of political, financial, environmental, technological and social issues. To address these challenges will require an integrated and holistic approach to agri-food chain, so that measures in one place do not have negative externalities somewhere else on the planet.

This FREE event will provide you an opportunity to assess alternative business models and technologies supporting strategies to redesign our production and consumption patterns. We aim to bring together experts from industry, government, academia and non governmental agencies to examine the varied and complex challenges and opportunities presented by the contemporary world.


1. Bring together actors globally and take stock of the progress of sustainable and inclusive agriculture.

2. Work on innovation roadmaps, while establishing a link between climate and social development.

3. To promote transmission of expertise and experience as well as networking between practitioners, academics, policy makers.

4. Deliver locally and globally relevant priorities, commitments, concrete proposals and recommendations.


Day 1 – 02 Dec

10 am -12.30 pm – Water Management Solutions for Agri-Food (Facilitator: Minni Jain, The Flow Partnership)

2 -4.30 pm – Sourcing for Good: Challenges and opportunities faced by businesses sourcing from smallholder farmers n(Facilitator: Leslie Berger, ADAS)

Day 2 – 03 Dec

10 am-12.30 pm – Building farm resiliency through innovation (Facilitator: Catherine McCosker, 3Keel)

2 -4.30 pm – Design Thinking for Low Carbon Agriculture (Facilitator: Anne Schiffer, Leeds Beckett University)

There is a maximum cap of 25 participants per workshop. You can just opt for the workshops you are interested in. You don’t have to attend all the workshops.


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