One year of HosmartAI, “Hospital Smart development based on AI” has passed with a number of important achievements. The H2020 project will create a common open integration platform to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) for healthcare professionals, patients, information system managers and health organisation administrations.

For this, the HosmartAI’s consortium has created the first version of the HosmartAI architecture, where key elements, like security, data privacy and interoperability methods were defined.

This work was achieved with a participatory methodology (centred on the final user). Accordingly, two sprints (cycles of co-creation with primary and secondary potential users) have been carried out in the last year were the solutions that are being designed and integrated (for the platform and pilots for deployment) were discussed and optimizations were made in order to acquire solutions that are both scientific and practical to the end-user. Two more sprints are expected in the future to test the product and how to best deploy and use the solutions integrated in it.

Concurrently, the HosmartAI 8 lighthouse pilots have submitted their study protocols with success! The pilots will bring innovation through AI under medical diagnosis, surgical interventions, prevention and treatment of diseases, and support for rehabilitation and long-term care in several Hospital and care settings domains.

Connected to the large scale pilots is the open call #1 that closed on April 8th with a total of 43 applications! The Open Call was looking for innovative tech Startups/SMEs developing AI solutions, that can be implemented within the healthcare sector. With this chapter closed, HosmartAI is now counting on the external evaluators to select the best application to join HosmartAI.

The HosmartAI’s consortium is half-way through the implementation of the platform and the tools envisioned so that a first version of this promising open integration platform is seen already this Summer 2022!

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