OPEN DEI will be an essential pillar of the implementation of EU digitisation policies by addressing in particular the “support” to the currently ongoing Large-Scale Pilots (LSPs) and platform projects financed by the European Commission under the Digitising European Industries (DEI) Focus Area working in different strategic sectors: one of them is the manufacturing domain.


Manufacturing represents about 15% of total EU value added and accounts for 2 million companies and 33 million direct jobs. A key sector in the European market but not anymore the provider of plenty of unskilled jobs that used to be in the past.

European manufacturing competitiveness needs a continuous development and implementation of large-scale experimentation pilots, reference architecture and open data platform to drive and coordinate global standards development for Industry 4.0.

OPEN DEI will give support and enhance the impact of the Innovation Actions that, under the framework of the Digital Transformation, are addressing the following challenge:

A further common challenge is the shift from classic production jobs towards higher value-added types of jobs, OPEN DEI will support this shift with the preparation of a catalogue of skills and training activities for the digital reskilling and upskilling of European manufacturing workforce.

OPEN DEI and significant Manufacturing Projects covered

OPEN DEI Next Steps

First step is to start working with the Innovation Actions already running to collect requirements / needs and first results, with a focus on the reference architecture and pilots, and transfer them to OPEN DEI for cross-domain awareness channels. OPEN DEI will soon produce some questionnaires and templates to be circulated to the relevant projects in the four Digital Transformation domains as well as look for cross-domain collaborations and dissemination events.