On 21 April, OPEN DEI organized a knowledge sharing webinar on business models for digital platform in energy domain in collaboration with PLATOON project. The event aimed at sharing the generated knowledge and practices by PLATOON in terms of business modelling and marketplace methodology for energy platforms with other organization and projects that are dealing with development of energy digital platforms to support their exploitation of their results.

The event was opened by Golboo Pourabdollahian (IDC) describing about the painpoint of digital platforms to design their business models to accelerate the commercialization of their pilots. Then Giorgio Micheletti (IDC) provided an overview of OPEN DEI project, its services and ecosystem. Alberto Dognini (RWTH) presented the energy ecosystem in OPEN DEI project highlighting topics such as OPEN DEI reference architecture model, data exchange frameworks and cross-domain energy platforms.

As the core part of the webinar, Fernando Merino Blanco (MINSAIT) from PLATOON project provided a detailed presentation of the methodology that was applied to design the business model for PLATOON platform deploying tools such as value proposition canvas and business model canvas. He also explained about how the methodology was established to move from a defined value proposition to a specific exploitation plan. Finally he provided interesting insights in designing methodology of PLATOON marketplace and integrating different types of stakeholders across value chain through marketplace.