The OPEN DEI healthcare cluster was present in the 2021  IoT week and has coordinated a track on the theme “ AI and European Health Data Space as drivers for sustainable and innovative Health and Social Care Services by Health & Care Cluster”.

During this session, the existing Large-Scale Pilots from the Health and Care Cluster have provided an overview of how they are setting the scene for the deployment of scalable solutions with a specific focus on three specific aspects: common reference architecture, data governance and smooth integration of existing solutions through

the organisation of open calls.  Andrej Grujnic from the Pharaon project  Since there is no standard way of describing architectures in the eHealth and AAL domain, the OPEN DEI health cluster identified CREATE-IoT 3D RAM as the most appropriate option to design an IoT architecture in the Healthcare domain. It also proves to be highly compatible with the reference  architecture proposed by IDSA to support the development  of a European Data Space and which will could be considered as well as  a standard Reference Architecture Model  for future digital healthcare and AAL projects.

Other speakers from the Gatelekeer project   have provided initial insight on how to ensure a downstream reuse of data collected within the large Scale pilots with a view to the recent new legislative initiatives of the European Commission. Finally, the audience has been informed about the role of open calls to select existing state of art solutions and guarantee their smooth integration in the global Large Scale Pilot architecture.

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