On 6 April OPEN DEI organized a webinar under the umbrella of its business support activities to provide support to projects funded under H2020, FP7 and HE for the exploitation of their results. The webinar which was organized in collaboration with Horizon Results Booster and META Group (The coordinator of HRB), provided detailed information to the participants regarding the services that HRB provides to projects, how to apply for the service and the initiative results so far.

Find below a summary of most important points raised during the webinar:

  • HRB delivers services free-of-charge and fully supported by the EC.
  • Services can be requested “à la carte“ from the list when completing the application form. Each eligible project can request all the services once.
  • HRB provides beneficiaries with tools and methodologies. Experts act as facilitators. Service delivery happens remotely and through virtual means.
  • There are three main services offered by HRB:
    • Service 1- Portfolio dissemination and exploitation strategy
    • Business plan development
    • Go to Market
  • So far 677 projects received HRB services which includes 1922 beneficiaries and 5361 organisations.

For more detailed information download the deck here and access the application tutorial here.

For more info on HRB visit: https://www.horizonresultsbooster.eu/