This report corresponds to Deliverable D2.1 of the “WP2 – OPEN DEI cross-Industry Digital Platforms federation” of the OPEN DEI project and provides useful insights to the most relevant work in the field of Reference Architecture for building Digital Platforms to support the Digital Transformation journeys in the four sectors targeted by OPEN DEI (i.e. manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and healthcare).
The State of the Art presented in Chapter 2 describes general purpose architectures as well as standard architectures, while Chapter 3 presents some examples of relevant projects in the fields addressed by OPEN DEI. Chapter 4 represents the foundation of the OPEN DEI Reference Architecture Framework (RAF) specifications, defining the underlying principles, the interoperability needs and the first release of the RAF specifications.
The OPEN DEI RAF will be built upon 6 main underlying principles (INTEROPERABILITY, OPENNESS, REUSABILITY, AVOID VENDOR LOCK-IN, SECURITY&PRIVACY, SUPPORT TO A DATA ECONOMY ) and following a 6C Architectural Model.
The insights described here will be then used in later activities of the OPEN DEI project (e.g. the cross-domain Task Forces), while further advances and lesson learnt will be captured in the next iteration of this report due by M24 (May 2021).