EHTEL Workshop: More value to data: the role of data intermediaries

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Virtual workshop focus

The objectives set up by the European Health Data Space encourage a re-thinking of the undepinning architectures and the need to focus on data use and reuse. But all this can only happen if citizens can concretely engage in data sharing and if data is of sufficient quality. To cope with the complexity that these developments entail, data intermediaries are emerging as new actors to create the conditions of ethical and efficient data sharing. What are these data intermediaries?

On 8 November 2021 15:00-16:00 CET, EHTEL is organising a virtual workshop entitled “More value to data: the role of data intermediaries on these subjects.

Workshop structure


Angelo Marguglio – Ingegneria Informatica SpA – Italy

Will set the scene on a ‘reference architecture’ for the Internet of Things and data sharing projects. He will  showcase the findings of the IDSA report on large-scale pilots on supporting abstract modelling of reference architectures, and will explore the linking of the  EHDS and Gaia-X with data intermediaries.


Luc Nicolas – eHealth Project Officer, EHTEL

Describes the different types of data intermediaries and presents their roles to support citizens handling of data to fulfil the gaps of trust, consent, interoperability, based on the work developed by the Centre for Digital Ethics and Innovation (UK).


A panel of experts will debate about the roles of data intermediaries to facilitate a citizen-centric health data sharing.

Questions for the discussion:

  • Behind the platforms, do we need to have intermediaries mobilized?
  • Which roles can they play specifically in the health domain?
  • How should data intermediaries be selected and controlled?

This workshop is supported by the InteropEHRate and Open DEI projects.

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