Webinar: Adding more value to data: The role of data intermediaries in health and care

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The European Health Data Space implies a rethink of the “reference architecture” needed to focus on data use and re-use. Today, there are many plans underway to ensure that data – including health and care data – can become more interoperable and less siloed, and can be used legitimately for uses other than its original purpose. For this trend to continue smoothly, citizens need to be able to engage concretely in data sharing, and the data itself needs to be of sufficient quality. Data intermediaries are emerging as new actors that can help in the creation of conditions for data sharing which are both ethical and efficient.

Over 30 people attended an in-depth webinar held by EHTEL on 8 November 2021 on data intermediaries and how these intermediaries can add value to data.

You can learn more by watching the video here.

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