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Towards Sustainable AgriFood Value Chains Through Digital Transformation

With the world’s population skyrocketing, rural areas are increasingly making way for urban spaces. Yet, food consumption rises at unparalleled speed. Just as global systems try to figure out sustainable ways to feed the 9.7 billion people expected to be sharing space on planet earth by 2050, the overarching issues on everyone’s minds concern not just what the future has in store with regards to food production and the environment but also the role played the private, public and non for profit sectors in creating sustainable value chains.

The application and development of new agricultural technologies are a source of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. These activities serve to promote the economic growth of the agrifood sector and other related industries.

To showcase the ways in which the FIWARE Community members are fostering the development of intelligent applications, improving the agrifood value chain, strengthening the emerging activities in the sector, and by default, fundamentally contributing to the digital transformation of the agrifood industry, this virtual FIWARE AgriFood DAY brings together private and public businesses, and developers operating at different levels in the agrifood field to discuss how Open Source technology is ensuring that everyone, not just large food operations, benefits from the most advanced digital technologies of precision farming.

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