Imagining 2029: Semantic interoperability – are we now ready to meet the challenge?

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People may have heard many times about semantic interoperability, but the concept often remains unclear. Without semantic interoperability, sharing data among disparate healthcare IT systems in a useful way is impossible. We thus speak about the ability of a healthcare system to share information and have that information properly interpreted by the receiving system in the same sense as intended by the transmitting system.

In this EHTEL webinar, which is developed in collaboration with the InteropEHRate and OPEN DEI projects, we will explore what needs to be developed to support a larger number of use cases.

  • What is the role of national competent authorities?
  • What are the best practices and what are the main services which would need to be provided by national authorities?
  • In the absence of a pro-active national dedicated strategy, are there resources and tools available for developers and users which can easily be used and can support major use cases?
  • Are the two tools – Natural Language Processing and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) – now sufficiently mature to help make significant progress?
  • What role will be eventually anticipated from patients?

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