Knowledge Sharing on Business models for Digital Platforms in Energy domain: Best Practices by PLATOON project

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Digital ecosystems need an orchestrator for the ecosystem to integrate several players and parts of the ecosystem. Digital platforms, act as an orchestrator for this ecosystems. In recent years several projects are funded by the European Commission to address the topic of digital platforms for digital transformation in several domains. Despite of the significant progress and results of these projects, there is an important challenge that they face from a business perspective namely business model development. Development of a proper business model to accelerate the commercialization of the digital platform is challenging and not a straight forward journey for the projects.

This event is organised by OPEN DEI in collaboration with PLATOON project and aims at sharing the knowledge and lessons learnt that PLATOON project gained in terms of business model methodology and marketplace. The insights and best practices that will be provided by PLATOON during the event could be considered as a source of knowledge for other projects in Energy domain, specifically the ones who just began their journey, for their future activities.

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