InterConnect Webinar Series #2 Talking about use cases as a main pillar to describe customers’ needs and solutions

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InterConnect is organising a Webinar series on Open Innovation and Personal Data Protection in the ICT and energy fields.

The second webinar will be on the topic of Open Innovation. Josef Baumeister and Ralph-Ino Prüm, from EEBUS, will be speaking under the subject “Talking about use cases as a main pillar to describe customers’ needs and solutions” on December 4 at 3pm (CET).

About the webinar

 In the last few years, use cases have established themselves as an elementary pillar for the description of requirements. In this webinar, we will introduce the process used in the Interconnect project, which describes the way from the first idea to the description of the necessary data to be exchanged at device level. Based on the Design Thinking method all relevant stakeholders and their requirements, all service concepts as well as EPICs, user stories and high level use cases will be developed. These reflect the view of the roles involved. In a further step, the High Level Use Cases are transformed into technical System Use Cases and documented in IEC format.

About the authors

Josef Baumeister studied electrical engineering in GermanyHe disposes of more than 35 years of technical and management experience in mobile and cordless-telecommunication as well as broadband technologySince 2011 he is working with BSH Home Appliances and is responsible for Smart Home and Smart Appliances standardizationFrom 2016 until November 2020, he wathe Managing Director of the EEBus Initiative e.V. as well. Josef Baumeister is a member of Smart Home & -Grid standardization bodies in IEC, CENELEC and DKE as well as in national and international Smart-Home & -Grid associations and European Commission bodies. 

Ralph-Ino Prümm joined EEBUS in 2018 as Head of Product Management. On behalf of the industry EEBUS specifies use cases to describe an energy management ecosystem networking e-mobility, HVAC, PV and battery systems and the distribution network.​ Previously he worked in management and engineering positions in Industrial Metering, Photovoltaics and Automotive. He studied electrical engineering, has more than 15 years experience in product management and has collaborated on IEC 61850-420 and SunSpec standards.

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